BC Parent Coordinator

Mediator and Parenting coordinator Anna Perry

Working in the field of family dispute resolution since 2005



Social science is quite clear on the adverse effects that parental conflict has on children. There are two factors that are critical to children's positive adaptation from the separation of their parents. One is the nature and quality of children's relationships with each of their parents, and the other is the nature, intensity, and duration of the conflict between the parents that the children are exposed to. It is essential to find ways to address dispute resolution that minimizes the potential harm from conflict on children.

Parenting coordination, mediation, arbitration, and developing a written parenting plan via mediation are concrete alternatives that also save the parents much stress and money too.

My primary objective in mediation and parenting coordination is to ensure that children's needs are identified and remain at the forefront.

BC Parent Coordinator

My mandate as a Parenting Coordinator is to guide parents to reach child-centred parenting decisions together.

If they cannot agree even with my guidance, then I shall decide about the child-related question without delay and cost-effectively.

BC Parent Coordinator

Parenting coordination is not mediation or arbitration in the traditional sense.

There is a mediation component involved as I explore each parent's position and try to find common ground. I hear both sides and take a streamlined approach to avoid the lengthy review of text messages and email threads that can obfuscate and delay the parenting coordination process.

Resolving Family Crises

In my role as a family law lawyer, I have long believed that a parenting coordinator is instrumental in changing the family dynamic for the better. There will be occasions of great results, and it will be these occasions that keep me enthusiastic and committed to the role, although it is by nature, difficult work. Rather like walking on a tight rope across the Grand Canyon but with two people jumping up and down on the rope to make it sway as the rope walker approaches the most dangerous point in the journey across.

Family dynamics of negativity, anger, and mistrust make for less than ideal conditions in which to get on with the job of parenting. There are bound to be times when forward progress in this environment is challenging for the parents and their parent coordinator.

At such times, it is critical to remember that this is a dynamic, child-centred process that will take commitment to be successful.

Anna Perry

My Goals

My goal as a mediator and arbitrator is to have the participants reach a settlement to achieve what is important to them. Through the mediation and/or the arbitration process, former couples can resolve disputes efficiently with the assistance of another who hears both sides and remains neutral.

Mediation is a prudent alternative to the litigation process because litigation is highly costly, stressful, time-consuming, and the results are unpredictable.

BC Parent Coordinator

“There are times when the greatest change needed is
a change of viewpoint.”

Denis Diderot